Art History Assignment. Who Painted These?

Alright art history majors, now's your time to shine. I have two paintings that I'm anxious to identify and I'm hoping if I put these out there they'll be seen far and wide.

The first is an original poster-size illustration on paper purchased in Los Angeles. It is signed by the artist (see second photo below) but I can't read the name. I can read the title as being "Mr Farmer". Just look at that bulbous-nosed farmer. I'm pretty sure he's on something, and I don't just mean a tractor!

The painting is approximately 22" x 26". Its exaggerated cartoon styling and bright colors would seem to indicate it's from the 1960s-70s pop art/psychedelia period. An era of happy harvesting indeed.

The side of the train reads "Tickey Tickety" and "Boom Chuka Boom Blam". So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

The next painting was found in Michigan and comes with even fewer clues. It is unsigned and the only writing is on the back "For Sale $7.xx" In the frame it measures 15" x 15-3/4". Based on the canvas board and the nails used to secure the painting in the frame it appears to be quite old.

Okay art brains, you have your assignment. Your comments below would be ever so appreciated!