Juvenile Opossum Visits Our Backyard


This handsome juvenile opossum stopped by our patio last night. After a checkup and warmup it was sent on its way. It appeared to be completely healthy and was gone in the morning. If it had showed any signs of illness or had been too young to be on its own, I would have kept it inside overnight and brought it to a wildlife rehabilitator in the morning. If you ever find a young opossum that might need help, immediately provide it warmth, do not give food, and do not put liquids in its mouth. DO NOT bring it to a humane society, animal shelter or call animal control! Call a nearby wildlife rescue or rehabilitator ASAP.

Opossum are wonderful animals! North America's only marsupial, they take care of pests, are smarter than they get credit for, are nurturing parents, and, like us, have opposable digits!

Here's a short video I shot last night telling the story of how I ended up hanging out with him for half an hour.