Once Upon A December Saturday

Good morning from Province Farm. And pardon the uber cheesy title. It's just that mornings like these I wake up surrounded by such beauty that it feels like a fairy tale start to the day. We're both under the weather with colds, but I just had to get outside and capture the animals foraging for breakfast. Unfortunately for the coyotes, that breakfast wasn't poultry.

Vertical ascent.

Ruby-Throated or Anna's hummingbird... hard to tell from this flattering angle.

Rufous Hummingbird

You can look but you can't touch.

Good luck. This place is built like Fort Knox.

After preening their ruffled feathers, all the girls resumed peckin' & scratchin' after the coyotes were scared off.

Bok-Bok (aka Pheasant) seems to have a persistent respiratory illness so this morning I ordered her some antibiotics. Her first round of antibiotics seemed to bring back her energy and appetite, but she's still sneezing and has nasal discharge. None of the other chickens have been affected.

Kuu is our little supermodel. She molted most of her highlighter-yellow feathers and is looking so clean and healthy. As soon as I enter the coop each morning she flies out of the house to await seed scattering.