Friday Farm Journal - November 4 2016

Cluckers at 2.5 weeks.

Cluckers at 2.5 weeks.

This morning I spent an hour in the coop with the four chicks- their third time outside. They stay pretty close to my feet but are fluttering a little further away each day. Today they even shared some snacks with the hens, which is so important before they can call the coop their home.

While we were hanging out, I was surprised to see Kuu venture outside of the coop and scratch right alongside the hens for the first time. Major milestone! I built her a second feeding platform about 6.5' off the ground just in case she needs a break from the hens.

Speaking of hens... Pretty Girl laid her third egg yesterday. She makes a great ambassador for hen adoption. Chicks take months to reach egg-laying age and are a lot of work along the way. Adopted hens will lay as soon as they acclimate to their new environment, provided they are still of laying age. Pretty Girl started laying on her fifth day after adoption. Apparently our other hen Pheasant is not up to laying yet, but we love her just the same.

Yesterday was stressful because Mia was at the vet all day for dental cleaning and minor surgery. At only 13 pounds I'm incredibly nervous about her being under anesthesia. She had a small growth on her paw successfully removed and received a clean bill of dental health. At 9.5 years she still has all of her teeth...sparkling white ones as a matter of fact.

Because her paw has a few stitches she'll be under the cone of silence for the next week. She's getting the hang of it and it's as adorable as it is sad:

P.S. If you didn't see it posted on Province's Facebook page, here's the tarantula that visited our patio two nights ago while we were watching the Cubs game. I picked it up with a paper bag so I could take its photo then released it back into our yard. I was surprised by how shy and docile it was. Sorry in advance for the nightmare you're about to have, but they truly are gentle giants.