This Decadent Mocha Meringue Cake Is "World's Best"

Yesterday was AK's birthday and he spent much of it fogged in at Dallas airport. Little did he know I was at home baking a birthday cake and using the extra time to clean up my huge mess.

After drooling over one of Sweet Paul's Instagram posts a couple weeks ago, I decided to make his infamous "World's Best Cake" - the brownie mocha version. Look at this thing!...

The recipe seemed simple enough, but after baking an additional 20 minutes I was getting worried the ambient air was too humid to achieve a fluffy crunchy meringue. Last night L.A. got drenched with rain and the air was saturated. At least that would be my excuse for soggy egg whites.

Eventually the meringue did develop a toasty crunchy top, but only after I'd already Tweeted Sweet Paul in distress. I worried the meringue would be overly chewy and couldn't predict whether the brownie layer would end up being burned on the edges or raw in the middle. Baking is like hard and stuff you guys! Anyway, I made a mocha whipped cream, layered the cake, and snapped a photo to show Sweet Paul. I didn't have a birthday backup plan, so this would have to do:

Okay, not quite as elegant as Sweet Paul's (what with all that humidity... wink, wink) but this morning he tweeted me his seal of approval. I guess birthday dessert—after fondue for dinner—was a success after all.

The flavor and texture of the "World's Best" Brownie Mocha Layer cake is incredible. It has rich and dense brownie layers, offset by light whipped cream and crunchy meringue. Finished off with a mound of shaved chocolate. Next time I want to try making the original Norwegian version called verdens beste. Instead of brownie and mocha, verdens beste has layers of sponge cake, whipped cream, meringue, and almonds. Again, photo and recipe via