The Common Household Pest Control That's Killing Our Wild Animals

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Below is a link to an article and website written by Dr. Laurel Serieys, informing the public of the horrific and lingering effects of rodent poisons (i.e. "d-Con"). These poisons are killing our wild animals and pets. Here in southern California our beautiful mountain lions, bobcats, and coyotes are regularly being found dead with high levels of rat poison in their liver. They are suffering slow and agonizing deaths simply because people refuse to stop using commercial poisons. People seem to think that if Home Depot and Target sell the products, they must not be that bad. WRONG.

The takeaway: POISON PERSISTS. It persists in the food chain and becomes a repeat offender. Even if you dispose of a poisoned rodent in the trash, the poison still poses a threat to other animals. As we all know, raccoons, coyotes, and birds will tear through a garbage bag for food. They carry poison up the food chain and it keeps killing. There is never a situation when rodenticide is justifiable; especially with so many alternatives available.

We banned the poison DDT in 1972 when it was determined to be killing off the bald eagles. But our urban animals don't receive the kind of media attention and protection that our national bird does. It's up to us to speak out on their behalf. Since money speaks the loudest, please stop buying the products listed on the site:

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