Friday Farm Journal for February 10, 2017

We have a super busy day tomorrow so I'm posting this Friday's Farm Journal on Thursday. It was nearly 80 degrees today so I woke up early to get to Home Depot by 7am—before the rush of contractors make that place impossible. I bought copper-treated lumber for terracing our hillside and paver bricks for our English garden project. Rather than write about it, here's a video tour of the project that commenced yesterday.

FYI: I start out speaking softly so my neighbor doesn't think I'm crazy and later my voice is drowned out by a helicopter. Whatcha gonna do.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Because that video explained why our chicken coop is covered in tarp like it's some clandestine "growing" operation, here's a video of me taking Egg for a walk. Or vice versa.

The camellia outside our front door didn't set many blossoms this winter, but the few it did sure are stunning:

Finally, a look at the makeshift seed nursery in our spare bedroom. I have a few light stands for photographing my Etsy inventory. They've just been commandeered for grow lights that are using energy saving LED full-spectrum bulbs that were only $30 for 4 bulbs on Amazon.