Cleaning Our Duck Pond with a Tacklife GSUP1A Submersible Pump (Video)

It's been a month since my last Farm Journal. Ahh, yes, simpler times. Pretty much every garden plant I wrote about in June has since fried to a crisp in the worst heat wave we've experienced since moving to Los Angeles. We did get to harvest four ears of corn, so the past six months of labor were not totally in vain. But enough whining... 

Since I have no garden brag photos I thought I'd share a video of the best investment I've made all year. 

So, ducks are the cutest and filthiest birds. Amiright? Our hen fills their 50-gallon pond with everything she can fit in her beak: mud, cantaloup rind, and her salad du jour. In this hundred degree heat her ingredients quickly putrefy into a stinky green stew. She loves her creations! I DO NOT.

It used to be that when the pond got gross I'd have to bail it out with a 5 gallon bucket; scooping out the sludge, killing my back, and frustrating my chiropractor. For sure I'm the first patient he prescribed a pond pump. 


I purchased a Tacklife GSUP1A submersible pump on Amazon for under $100. The video below, all exciting five minutes of it, shows the pump being used for the first time in particularly thick water. Our girl really went to town with mud and Napa cabbage the day before but the pump handled it like a champ. 

The pump has a plastic grate on the bottom to prevent debris clogs. It automatically turns on when it senses over an inch of water and automatically shuts off when the water gets down to about 1/4". The video shows it taking about 5 minutes to drain 50 gallons. This is slower than its advertised max flow rate of 42.5 gallons per minute, but I attribute this to the particularly thick muck at the bottom of the pond. I consider my video a worst case scenario. Normally it takes only about 3 minutes to drain the pond.

Once drained it only takes me a few more minutes to scoop out debris and wipe the sides of the pond with bleach water. And I'm happy to report I haven't been back to the chiropractor since.

I should also mention that the drain hose is a standard garden hose with a standard size fitting. The garden hose extends far enough to use the duck water to irrigate several trees. The nutrient-rich duck stew has got to be good for the trees.

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