Province /prah-vince/ n. 1. the country outlying a city 2. one's area of interest or expertise

Province is an urban homesteading blog based in northeast Los Angeles, where Brad and AK are transforming their <1-acre property into an urban microfarm. Our focus is organic gardening, permaculture, plant-based cooking, and bird rescue. We cook what we grow… except for our chickens, ducks, quail, and pigeons!

Province’s purpose is threefold: 1) to showcase what is possible on a small plot of land in a big city. 2) to learn/share traditional self-reliance skills in a modern setting. 3) to cultivate curiosity for our natural world

Mia, our love, in morning meditation.

Mia, our love, in morning meditation.


The term daybook is an old word synonymous with a journal or daily ledger. The Province Daybook is inspired by early American almanacs—such as Benjamin Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanack (1732-1758)—that contained musings, quotes, household tips, gardening advice, and weather patterns. Although his wasn't the first almanac, Franklin's was extremely popular and its quirky format has stood the test of time. One might say old Ben was the original blogger. Province follows in his footsteps.


Brad is a culinary school dropout who has been vegetarian for 16 years. AK is neither of those things. We don't cook meat at home (except for our dog's homemade food), so together we've learned the secrets for making plant-based dishes taste complex and highly flavorful. We enjoy sharing our vegetarianized classics and new recipes that bring herbivores and omnivores together at the table.


Brad has been selling vintage and handmade items online for two decades. Province Vintage goods are sold on Etsy and Ruby Lane.


That's Kuu, our rescue dove/pigeon. Kuu came to us dyed bright yellow and malnourished. Shedding her abusive past, our beautiful girl is now glowing pure white and in love with Isa, our 2nd rescue pigeon. Look closely at our logo. See Kuu's eye? It's a moon. The word "kuu" is Finnish for moon... for our glowing girl. [Design by Ihor Boiko]

Brad (crazy sand-dune-wind hair) left, AK right - celebrating 15 years together in 2017

Brad (crazy sand-dune-wind hair) left, AK right - celebrating 15 years together in 2017